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Naomi’s blog article 3

After giving up work to start a family, Naomi Baker, 39, gained over 3st. She didn’t want to be fat at 40 so she joined
Each issue Naomi shares how she’s getting on juggling family life with losing weight...

Blog 6
“The only exercise I had done all week was running around the house answering the needs of my boys”

This wee k I was going to write about my new best friends but that was before various viruses invaded my house, my kids and my life and turned it upside down. This past week has been a tough one and, honestly, if I had not been housebound, I would have eaten my body weight in chocolate!

Wednesday for me is weigh-in day and, just like last week, I was excited!

The scales said 12st 10lb 8oz! That is another 2lb 12oz gone and I got my first certificate online. Whoop whoop, over 7lb gone! Goodbye, not going to miss you! My body fat percentage also dropped by 1% and my BMI has gone from 32 to 31.

It all started at the weekend, Ethan was looking a little off colour and then BOOM, Monday morning he had a raging fever! No preschool and a tired mummy are not a great mix. Plus baby Leo had decided on Sunday night to start exercising his vocal cords every night, from around midnight until 4am. So basically my week has been housebound, with cabin fever, on duty 24 hours a day and hubby only had one day off, half of which he spent in bed with the worst case of man flu ever. Chills, sweats, fever, headache...

So, thank the Lord that I’ve planned my week’s meals ahead, got my shopping online and that my dear friends did not respond to my desperate pleas on my Facebook page every day for CHOCOLATE! They are fully aware of my goals and want to support me. Some did offer to give in but my conscience got the better of me and I muttered a few gritted ‘No thank yous’.

On weigh-in day, I did not feel confident at all, as the only exercise I had done all week was running around the house answering the needs of my boys. So I was really surprised to have lost another 2lb 2oz. It was the highlight of my week! Hubby lost another 4lb!

In total I have lost 16lb 2oz and hubby has lost 18lb in 37 days! We are both really noticing it and getting compliments (when not housebound). My stats so far are:

16in lost
3in off my waist
BMI down to 30 from 32

I might get a few haters now, but I swear I’ve lost some cellulite from my hips and thighs - I think it’s melting away! Thinking about my weight loss, I worked out that in the past 37 days I have consumed 56,000 calories less. It takes 3,500 calories less to lose 1lb. What the hell was I eating before? I must have been eating so much of the wrong food, it’s really scary.

Blog 7
“I pulled out my pre-pregnancy clothes from under the bed and everything fits me, it is such a fabulous feeling”

I can’t believe this is my seventh blog already. The weeks are flying by and the lbs are flying away. Last week’s blog was all about my family’s illnesses and I’m afraid it didn’t get much better. I finally got struck down on Sunday by the deadly virus and spent most of the day in bed feeling sorry for myself. Even so, I think it would still have been a tough week anyway. Six weeks in, I’m getting comfortable with the RC way of eating and preparing food and I can feel some bad habits creeping back in. Making sandwiches for my son and nibbling on the crusts instead of chucking them out for the birds, thinking about chocolate all day long and needing some comfort foods. Week 6 for me was DANGER week and I don’t think I would have got through it had it not been for two NEW BEST FRIENDS that have come into my life. These new friends have become staples in my everyday life and I crave them from the moment I wake up. My friends and lifesavers are:

1) My pedometer.
2) Freddo chocolate caramel bars.

My sister Rachel had sent us pedometers, and for the first few days I monitored my usual routes just to see how many steps I was taking - it turned out to be around 6,000 daily. Knowing that the goal is 10,000 steps per day, I’ve now made it my mission to reach that target every day.

If I have about 1,000 steps to do, but nowhere to go, I march around the house with Ethan, we have a dance off, I run up and down the stairs as much as I can and generally keep moving until I hear the imaginary ‘ding, sit down Mama’!

Then I reward myself with my beautiful small but chunky package of loveliness: Freddo chocolate caramel bar. I really get a buzz from my little froggy friend and would gladly tackle anyone who tried to take him away from me!

These have been my survival tools and I have inspired some of my non-RC friends to buy a pedometer of their own. Who needs a car when these legs can take me where I need to go?

The results are really taking shape now; I have lost a total of 20.75in, 2in off each thigh and 2in off each knee, 3.5in off my waist and 3in off my boobs.

I have lost a total of 17lb 14oz, and hubby has lost 20lb 14oz and he is so chuffed with himself!

We are now getting to a stage, where we will soon be lighter than we have ever known each other and I am so excited about that. I pulled out my pre-pregnancy clothes from under the bed and everything fits me, it is such a fabulous feeling. That’s after 17lb lost. What will I look like after another 17lb loss?

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