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Naomi’s blog article 4

Busy mum of two Naomi Baker didn’t want to be fat at forty so she joined our online slimming club in an effort to lose 3st.
Each issue she shares her progress so far...

Blog 8
“Too much pressure can have a negative effect on the mind and cause you to eat the wrong things”

Today was weigh-in day for hubby and me and in my mind I had set myself up for a 2lb weight loss. I really wanted to get to 20lb off and even though my week had not been 100% perfect, I was confident I had done well.

So the moment of truth... I had lost 1lb 6oz...

In every respect, this was a great weight loss but my heart sank! I had so expected to see 2lb that nothing else mattered. I focused on the numbers on the scales and felt rubbish. I’m 39 next week and I’d set myself a goal of losing 21lb before my birthday. I am so close, I can smell it and if I had lost that 2lb, I could relax a little this week and aim for the final 1lb.

I called my sister, as I do every Wednesday. We then played the ‘how much did you lose?’ game. From the tone of my voice, she assumed I had gained.

NO, I replied.

Stayed the same? NO.

1lb? NO.

I’ve lost 1lb 6oz.

My sister was thrilled to bits and said ‘What’s the matter?’ I explained my disappointment and she said something that really struck a chord with me! She told me I was doing brilliantly and that I was putting too much pressure on myself. It was great to have a goal but I should be proud of myself and if I tried too hard, I could jeopardise my weight loss. Too much pressure can have a negative effect on the mind and cause you to eat the wrong things. My sister is so clever and so right! She also told me to exercise a little more and try to go for longer walks with Leo in the pram.

If I look back at my food diary, I can see where I could have done better.

So how have I done so far?

• I have lost 1st 5lb and 4oz in 51 days.
• I have lost 24.4in all over.
• My waist has gone from 35.5in to 31.62in.
• My BMI has gone from 32 to 29.58.
• My body fat has gone from 44.6% to 39.8%.

So, I do have a lot to be proud of and I promise I will not let the devil on my shoulder fill my head with self-doubt again. I can do this, it’s not a race and I want results for life not just for this year.

Blog 9 - Forgive me, Rosemary, for I have sinned.
“I did make some very healthy choices but these were generally followed by some very unhealthy choices, ignoring the golden 5% fat or less rule”

This is my first time in confession!

Last week from Monday until Thursday, I celebrated my 39th birthday with my lovely family and friends. This involved an overnight stay at a five-star hotel in London, a five-course meal and a very expensive bottle of wine, chocolate birthday cake, shared in bed with hubby at 10.30pm, a three-course meal in an Indian restaurant and a coffee morning at home with my amazing mummy friends.

In my defence I did, over that four-day period of celebration, make some very healthy choices but these were generally followed by some very unhealthy choices, ignoring the golden 5% fat or less rule. I’m not proud of my actions and I am paying the price of my sinful ways. I feel bloated, lethargic and like I have let myself down. However, I did have an amazing time to remember and I feel my actions were fitting to celebrate my last year in my 30s.

I hope you can find forgiveness for me, from within your enviable figure-hugging Lycra, and give me the strength to continue on my journey, undoing any harm I might have caused to my mission, this past blissful week!

Yours faithfully,


Yes, as much as I kid myself, I am not perfect! I really blew it last week and didn’t even fill in my online diary for four days. At my coffee morning, there was so much cake, from carrot cake and treacle tart to fudge brownies and chocolate fudge cake...

WHY, do we do it to ourselves?

I did my weigh-in as usual on Wednesday. I was pretty scared but I’m of the crowd of FACE THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY. I was pleasantly surprised to find I had stayed the same. Huge sigh of relief. Put the weekly call through to my sister Rachel, with the results. She warned me to really be careful this next week as I could be in trouble. This was the day BEFORE cakegate. So as of Friday, I have been super-strict, hoping that by my next Wednesday weigh-in I might have un-done my naughty eating. I guess the moral of my tale this week is, to remember we are human and sometimes temptation gets in the way.

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