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Naomi’s blog article 5

Busy mum of two Naomi Baker didn’t want to be fat at forty so she joined our online slimming club in an effort to lose 3st.
Each issue she shares her progress so far...

Blog 10
“I have really abused my pedometer this past five days.”

The fab thing about rosemaryconleyonline is I can see an average of everything. This includes the average calories, fat, sugar and salt consumed and number of steps! I had been doing an average of 4,000 steps when I first got my pedometer and it really is a great tool to spur me on. My ultimate goal is 10,000 a day, but my average has gone up to 8,000, so I am really pleased with that.

This week my mummy friends told me I was looking slimmer. I have been wearing some jeans my sister gave me a while back. When she used to wear them I’d look at her admiringly and wish I could look like her. Now, the same jeans are baggy on me!

My last weight was 11st 13lb, the scales read 11st 11lb. Woohoo, I lost two whole lumpy lbs. I am so ecstatic! So, that’s a total of 21lb.

Then I got out my third new best friend, who I have hardly mentioned. This friend has helped me so much and it’s a fantastic tool. It has taught me to NOT FOCUS on the scales, but the whole picture. This friend is my Magic Measure®!

I used my Magic Measure® at the beginning for all my starting measurements. I hope you don’t mind sharing my latest results.

That is quite a few inches and I feel fabulous! I even bought a size 12 top the other day, which I had first dismissed thinking it would never fit. Will probably wear it inside out to flash the label! I might even start wearing my Magic Measure® as a new belt!

Hubby Alex, who was scared of the scales, last week, stepped on... he’d lost 4.2lb!

Men, how do they do it? That brings him to almost 26lb and major inches lost. He is pleasantly surprised how easy the Rosemary Conley plan is to follow.

Blog 11 - Three weeks have passed - and a few more lbs have gone.
“This pedometer will be called Pedro Pedometer and he shall be thrust upon my hip to walk proudly with me wherever we go”

Three weeks have passed - and a few more lbs have gone - since I wrote my last blog. They had their usual highs and lows, but this week I have had one particular low that I will share with you. I have been mourning the loss of a dear friend, this friend went everywhere with me, including the toilet and sometimes even my bed. We went on long walks together and played hide and seek together and now they are gone. My life feels empty and I feel I have lost my weight-loss friend! Before you start to feel really sorry for me, I have to tell you I am mourning the loss of my dear, dear pedometer!

She met a sticky end this week. Her back broke and that was it, there was no more data, no more clicking every time we walked together. May my Polly Pedometer RIP.

I have been without her for a few days now and I feel lost. I have empty spaces in my ‘Steps’ daily box online and it doesn’t feel as if I’m following the plan 100% without this data.

There is a happy ending to this tale of woe; it came to me tonight in a vision. My sister has amazing foresight and had sent me an ‘ extra, just in case’ pedometer with my original ones for Alex and myself!

Magic Measure £3.49 - Click here to buy now

I hope you can find forgiveness for me, from within your enviable figure-hugging Lycra, and give me the strength to continue on my journey, undoing any harm I might have caused to my mission, this past blissful week!

So, tomorrow, I will be back in full fighting fit force. This pedometer will be called Pedro Pedometer and he shall be thrust upon my hip, to walk proudly with me wherever we go.

Joking aside, this has been another tough week. I have found myself wanting to nibble, nibble, nibble. Damn you, emotional eating devil! By the time weigh-in day arrived I’d lost 2lb at my weigh-in, which means I only have 1lb 4oz to go to the big 2st. Alex has 1lb left to go.

Calorie Pedometer £6.99 - Click here to buy now

Also, I have 13lb left to go until I reach my first target of 10st 7lb. When I reach it, I am going to review whether to aim for 10st, but I think that would be my final goal. I have never been so close to a weight-loss goal, yet I seem to be struggling with my willpower. It seems the closer I get, the harder I make it for myself.

Thank goodness for the Rosemary Conley magazine and online articles. They always make me feel better and my thoughts and feelings clearer. I really do love this plan.

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