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Naomi’s blog

Busy mum of two Naomi Baker didn’t want to be fat at forty so she joined our online slimming club in an effort to lose 3st.
Each issue she shares her progress so far...

Blog 12
“I did have a few ‘extra’ high-fat treats in the week, didn’t drink enough water and was not taking care of myself.”

A wonderful thing happened this past week. My youngest son turned nine months and learned to clap his hands. So, every day I get huge dribble, toothy grins and applause from him everywhere I go.

It made me reflect on the past nine months and what a roller-coaster ride it’s been. Then I started to look at photos and do some number crunching. I had reached 15st 11lb on the day I gave birth to my son. When I started Rosemary’s diet, I was 13st 4lb 4oz, so I’d lost some weight naturally in the first six months.

When I added it all up, I worked out I had lost over 4st in the nine months since Leo was born. That is totally crazy. How did I ever move about or get anything done? I know I was exhausted all the time and my legs hurt.

As always, my weigh-in day came on Wednesday. I had 1lb 4oz to lose to reach my 2st goal and I was praying for a result.

I removed my pyjamas, ring, watch and emptied my bladder - it all makes a difference you know! Moment of truth...11st 5lb 2oz. EXACTLY the same as last week.

How can it be? Oh, I remember, I did have a few ‘extra’ high-fat treats in the week, didn't drink enough water and was not taking care of myself.

After two little weight gains, Alex took his turn, also stripping down to his birthday suit! I am sure my children think we are crazy. He too had stayed the same! His little face was so disappointed. We both lost a little bit on the inch department and had a discussion on where we were going slightly wrong.

We were both naked in the kitchen, chatting about our previous mishaps the week before and checking each other out. Alex has developed a two-pack! We are waiting for the other four to arrive to complete his six-pack. Alex was admiring my newly regained curves and commenting on my overall inch loss. Before you wonder where this story is leading, we got dressed and had our healthy breakfasts. We do have young children in the house, you know!

Blog 13
“The online weight-loss coach recommended I have water with every meal, if possible. Yes, that is possible, I thought ”

This week has been ANOTHER roller-coaster ride of emotions but this time with a happy ending. I have at last seen the light, hallelujah and all that. After my stay the same result last week, I started to comfort-eat again, feeling like I was just stuck and never going to finish losing the weight I wanted to lose.

I still ate my Rosemary meals but found myself snacking more and more in between meals.

I felt out of control and yucky, so I turned to my online gang and for the first time entered the ‘coffee shop chatroom’. I found some other dieters who, like me, had plateaued and were feeling unhappy and out of control. I got six responses to my post.

Reading what everyone had to say helped me and it was suggested I should contact the online weight-loss coach, Janice. So I emailed her and she called me, on a weekend, and we discussed my situation. After speaking with her, I felt 100% happier. Basically, she explained when you have lost a good chunk of weight, you do plateau. It’s your body’s way of getting used to your new size and your brain needs time to catch up with the rest of you. This sounded reasonable to me and made sense.

Janice talked me through some ideas and I felt so much better and refocused. She recommended I have water with every meal, if possible. Yes, that is possible, I thought.

She also told me to be aware of my low points of the day and to plan to eat my Power Snacks at those points so I didn’t pick unhealthy choices.

So all in all, since Monday I have eaten my three meals a day, two power snacks, one high-fat treat, one low-fat dessert and about three to four pints of water a day (some of this was from decaf tea). I have also cut my tea down to three or four cups instead of eight and when I finish my water, I fill the glass straight back up.

I got on the scales this morning and discovered I’d lost 2lb 12oz. So, in total I have lost 30lb! I got my 2st certificate and a little video message from Rosemary. I also lost four more inches and my waist is finally 29.something! I am so happy and excited. Alex also lost his previously gained 1lb and is back on track. I still don’t think he is eating enough and I think he has realised this for himself now.

I am now only 9lb away from my first goal.

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