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Naomi’s blog

Busy mum of two Naomi Baker didn’t want to be fat at forty so she joined our online slimming club in an effort to lose 3st.
Each issue she shares her progress so far...

Blog 16
“Basically, I am feeling out of control. I have 4lb to go until I reach my goal and I seem to be doing every thing I can to jeopardise my efforts”

I know I say it every week but, boy, the past two weeks have been crazy!

There was no blog last week, due to my baby sister getting married. I managed for the first time ever to surprise her by turning up with my boys.

Rachel’s civil wedding was supposed to be low key and simple to make every thing legal, so that they could have a combined wedding/ honeymoon abroad next year. That is still happening, by the way. On Facebook, there were mentions of bouquets and buttonholes and the censored hen night photos, which I was unable to go to, so on Monday I decided to rent a car and come home for the weekend.

This little trip home also meant a little shopping trip to buy a new dress for the said occasion. I can’t smile enough thinking about those few stolen moments while the eldest son was at preschool and youngest son was happily snoozing in his pram! I tried on several outfits and everything fitted first time! I don’t remember - ever - another time when that happened. Oh and I forgot to mention, I lost another 2lb on last week’s weigh-in. That made 2st 7lb!

Emotional eating head raised its ugly self and all the way home with the boys we munched on chocolate and crispsSo, after a little fashion show in the fitting room, I decided on a flowery colourful number. I am beginning to love the ‘shopping’ feeling.

When I arrived, after Rachel’s loudest scream ever, she hurled a vomit of abuse at me about how much weight I had lost and how skinny I looked.

Bless her, revenge is sweet! Ah, I am not mean. My only goal all my life was to look as great as my little sis. At last, I am there and, dare I say it, 1lb lighter.

All weekend, I was surrounded by lovely comments and went home with my head twice the size.

Can you guess what’s coming next...? I was so happy, my emotional eating head raised its ugly self and all the way home with the boys we munched on chocolate and crisps. It also didn’t help being the time of the month when I am worse. I have been craving rubbish all week.

So weigh-in day this past Wednesday was awful. I felt I had gained 7lb, by rights I should have. I had gained 1lb and I can feel every ounce.

Leo is teething like crazy and I am sleep deprived again and wanting to eat all day. Damn you hormones. I have resisted most of the time, but my online diary is looking a mess. I have incomplete days and step records. I am feeling out of control. I have 4lb to go until I reach my goal and I seem to be doing everything I can to jeopardise my efforts. Some people would be doing all they could to reach target, not me though. I am stuffing my face and it’s got to STOP!

Blog 17
“This week I have also been doing Rosemary’s daily fitness challenges, which she posts on Twitter and Facebook nightly.”

Well, it may not be sunny outside but it is certainly sunny in the Mayer Baker household.

Today is my eldest son’s last day of preschool and I am sad yet excited for his future. I have officially changed my first major document (driver’s licence) to my married name. It’s only taken five years, but hey ho. Now to change passport, banks, insurances, everything! The list is neverending.

So it seems our household is going through some major changes. One of those changes is my wardrobe.

It is now getting highly embarrassing wearing jeans that look as if I’m wearing a full dirty nappy underneath. Everything is hanging from my bum and looks ridiculous.

On Alex’s day off on Tuesday, we sauntered past the Next sale. I had done a pre-scan quickly the previous day before enticing him into my trap.

I headed straight for the 16s and was looking through them when suddenly it dawned on me... I am not a 16 any more! I hastily searched for the 12s, which are normally full of clothes, while the 14s and 16s are rather sparse.

Now I can fit into a 12, was there much choice? Noooooooooo.

This was my moment to shine but I didn’t have much choice. I picked up some purple boyfriend cut trousers, red linens and a lime green top to wear with my white linens that I already have. I also picked up an orange pencil type dress, which I love.

All the trousers were fabulous and I strutted my way around Next while Alex was trying to control a very tired and grumpy Leo baby. He gave his opinions and indicated that he wanted to get me home to have his wicked way with me. The one thing I loved more than anything was having clothes fit me straight off the hanger and the fact I’m choosing clothes with COLOUR, no black in sight.

I forgot to mention, the linens (without elasticated waist) are a size 10! I am going to wear them inside out, so that everyone can see, for the first time ever, I am a 10. I know it really does not matter, but it was such a milestone moment for me.

This week I have also been doing Rosemary’s daily fitness challenges, which she posts on Twitter and Facebook nightly. I have to say, they are quite hard and certainly spice up the ad breaks on TV. I especially like the running up and down the stairs ones, my heart races like mad.

Another thing I have been doing this week is having a double portion of my breakfast choice. I find I am ravenous in the morning and if I have two portions of branflakes instead of one, it really fills me up and stops me wasting calories on rubbish. We always seem to leave home so late in the mornings that we power walk everywhere and I am sure I burn off my extra breakfast just on the school run.

Wednesday weigh-in day was epic! Was not sure what to expect but had 4lb 8oz left to get my target of 10st 7lb. The anticipation built, I stripped off everything and stepped on... Look straight up, I thought, nice and tall, pretend I am a giraffe.

Then I looked down. 10st 9lb 2oz! I had lost another 2lb 6oz!

I only have 2lb 2oz left to go.

I am so close, I have never reached a weight-loss goal in my life. I now know I CAN DO IT. My BMI started at 32 and now it’s 25.4. I can’t believe the impact my weight loss has already had on my health. Once Leo starts regularly sleeping through, there will be no stopping me.

I might even discover I have hidden powers and save the world.

OK, I know I am getting a bit carried away now but I hope you can sense how great I feel.

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