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For your diet, your fitness, your health

We all know we need to eat less and do more exercise but, if dieting were that simple, we'd all be at goal weight. At the Food & Fitness magazine, we also explore the emotional and physical issues that can affect our weight-loss progress, and have a team of experts on hand to help.

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  • Rosemary Conley CBE

    Rosemary has 40 years' experience of helping people to lose weight and become fitter. Sales of her 29 books and 29 fitness videos exceed nine million copies, and she is widely acknowledged as the UK's most successful diet and fitness expert.

    She's helped so many people to lose weight over the years, and YOU could be one of them. Each issue Rosemary answers readers' questions on diet and fitness matters and personally shares her experiences in our hugely popular Rosemary writes feature.

  • Dr Hilary Jones

    Since qualifying in 1976, Dr Hilary has held a number of interesting posts, such as medical troubleshooter for the oil industry. He is now a practising NHS GP, health advisor to GMTV, author and a contributor to medical journals.

    Each issue, Dr Hilary focuses on the health issues concerning you and YOUR family. From minor conditions to major operations and medical updates, Dr Hilary explains everything you need to know. Your health is the most important thing you have, which is why we've put it in the very best hands.

  • Dr Susan Jebb OBE

    One of the UK's leading nutrition scientists with particular expertise in weight management issues. She advises the government on food and weight issues and is a regular contributor to media features on nutrition and health.

    Visit the weight clinic for the very latest news and advice on nutrition. Dr Susan Jebb looks at the issues that affect individuals, families and society as a whole to help us eat a better, healthier diet, with all the nutrients we need for good health.

  • Dean Simpole-Clarke

    Dean trained at London's Reform Club. His food has won him TV appearances on such shows as Ready Steady Cook, and he has worked with many top chefs, including Nigella Lawson. He has created recipes for this magazine for over 10 years.

    Great-tasting food and lots of it - that's what we all want. And that's why we all love the recipes created by Dean. He doesn't compromise on flavour when devising recipes, and we can guarantee that if you serve them to your friends and family, they'll have no idea they're eating low fat.

  • Mary Morris

    With a Masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science, Mary has been a Fitness and Training Consultant for Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness Clubs for 13 years. Mary also owns and manages a health club in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

    Exercise is the key to having a healthy body. Not only does it speed up your weight loss but it can help prevent you developing conditions such as osteoporosis and high blood pressure. But it's got to fit in with your lifestyle, which is why super-fit Mary devises an easy-to-follow yet incredibly effective workout in every issue. All you need is 10 minutes a day to get into great shape.

  • Nicky Hambleton-Jones

    The Queen of clothes Nicky Hambleton-Jones is a fashion stylist and former television presenter, best known for hosting the Channel 4 makeover show 10 Years Younger. Nicky has published three makeover books; one on fashion and beauty, one on nutrition and one on making over your entire life. She has recently launched her own eyewear range NHJ Eyewear.

    You’ve got the recipes, diet plans, exercise routines and health advice, now it’s time to look good! To find out what styles suit your shape and to check out the latest fashion must-haves flick to the style for shape section in the magazine. Nicky Hambleton-Jones also answers your style dilemmas to ensure you look good all year round. Whether you’re after a new winter coat or the perfect party dress Nicky will ensure you look stunning throughout the seasons.

  • Kardy Laguda

    Kardy is recognised as one of the leading experts on fitness with motivation. He has taught over one million people worldwide with his unique approach. Kardy joined Rosemary Conley Clubs in 2012 to unleash his new fitness phenomenon Kardy-O-Fun.

  • Caroline Whiting

    As Head of Training & Development for Rosemary Conley Clubs, Caroline is the teacher trainer and fitness advisor to instructors. Her qualifications and wealth of knowledge within the fitness industry span over 25 years.

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