Mark Hopkins and David Watchorn of Elwell Watchorn & Saxton LLP were appointed Joint Administrators of Rosemary Conley Food & Fitness Ltd on 3rd of Feb 2014. The Joint Administrators manage the affairs, business and property of the company as agents and act without personal liability.

Your look

Whether you’re on your weight loss journey or you’ve achieved your goal weight, you want to look and feel good.

In each issue we have beauty hints and tips, new products and the latest fashion trends.

Nicky Hambleton-Jones tells you how to freshen up your look and beauty expert Linda Udall will show you how to beautify yourself from top to toe.

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Save our skins

Most of us suffer problems with our complexions at some point ot other. Beauty expert Linda Udall asked Harley Street skin specialist Dr Nick Lowe for his tips on dealing with the most common skin complaints

’Whatever your skin crisis, the important thing is to get help,’ says Dr Lowe, a clinical professor of dermatology. ’Often you may just need to see your GP for a presciption, or if your problem is severe you may be referred to a dermatologist.’

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