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Members are achieving outstanding results with the help of our new premium One-2-One weight-loss service.

Exclusive to members of Rosemary Conley Online (RCO), One-2-One offers you something very special – your own personal weight-loss coach. She will give you daily feed-back, advice and encouragement and at the end of each week, she will review your progress and recommend ways that will help you maximize your weight-loss. And you can add this service to your membership for less than £1 a day.

A typical daily review by a One-2-One coach

A typical daily review by a One-2-One coach

Your coach is personal to you and she will personally respond to you - there will be no automated responses. She is professionally trained in nutrition and exercise with a wealth of experience of giving personal weight-loss advice and support. Your coach will understand you as an individual and help you to achieve your weight-loss goals like never before. 

Your Rosemary Conley personal coach complements all the features in our online weight-loss club. All you have to do is complete your Food and Fitness diary and she will send you daily and weekly comments giving you green, amber or red ratings with positive and constructive feedback as well as weekly exercise advice. She will also give you suggestions on how you can improve your diet so you can lose more weight to help you achieve your goals.

A typical weekly review by a One-2-One coach

Hi Paula,

I hope you are ok and have had a great weekend!

Below is your weekly review:

Good 99%
Neutral 1%
Bad 0%

As ever another great week and another 3lb's lost 🙂

This week I would like you to try and focus on reducing some of your sugar dense foods, I know I touched on this a bit last week, but it's really important as these will impact your energy levels often by making you feel sluggish and tired which becomes a vicious circle.

So here are some tips to help you:
Keep to a max of two pieces of fruit per day
Use agave syrup instead of honey where possible
We should aim to consume no more than 25 -30g of sugar per day and 1 tsp of sugar weighs 4g so you can see how easy it is to eat more sugar than we need and when you start looking at the labels and looking how much sugar is in foods you will be amazed! For instance Light Salad Cream has 1/4 tsp of sugar per 15g serving (which is not a big serving at all).

Try and break the habit of having sugar dense foods as part of your daily routine - ask yourself do you really need them? Are you really hungry? What's the effect on your body? Could I choose something else?

As ever if you have any questions message me anytime!

Hi Sarah, A great weekend thank you 🙂   Thanks for this weeks tips, I will see what I can do, and address the sugar on my cereal as well if I can. I have had a lovely walk around the woods this morning which has left me feeling very bright and breezy! Paula x

One-2-One coaching costs just £29.99 for your first month and £37.98 per month if you continue as a monthly member. At the end of your first month you will be offered the option to upgrade your RCO membership to take advantage of quarterly or annual subscription rates.

Enjoy your very own personal weight-loss coach for less than a £1 a day.

So join now and your coach will be in touch shortly.

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