Arthritis is common among older people. Here Rosemary talks of her own experience with this painful condition and how she has managed her pain to be able to live a now near-normal life.

What is Arthritis?

Neuro-physiotherapist JD Hylton explains what arthritis is and how we can minimise the pain and maximise mobility to keep us active and independent as we grow older.

My Journey with Arthritis

Rosemary explains how she manages her arthritis so that she can live a normal life.

Orthotics – Can they help?

Rosemary explains about the orthotics she has in her shoes to ease the pain in her arthritic feet.

Supplements – Can they help?

Rosemary explains which supplements she takes to ease the pain in her arthritic feet.

TENS Machine

Rosemary talks about her experience using a TENS machine on her feet.

Meet Neuro-Physiotherapist JD Hylton

Rosemary asks JD about his fascinating career-path to becoming a neuro-physiotherapist and a Personal Trainer at a specialist rehabilitation gym called Bridge4.