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Here is just a small sample of the vast array of recipes and exercises you can enjoy when you become a member of the Rosemary Online Weight-Loss Club. With over 2600 recipes, more than 700 how-to-cook videos, hundreds of exercises and Rosemary's Motivational Minutes, plus hundreds of articles and videos featuring medical and psychological experts such as Dr Hilary Jones and Professor Raj Persaud, you will have everything you need to keep yourself motivated and increase your chances of dieting success.

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Rosemary's Blog - 23rd April 2018

Cycling Challenge, Photoshoot 2018, ExPat Radio, Ragdale Days and Summer Sunshine

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Strawberry and Crunchy Oat Delight

This simply stunning strawberry dessert is packed full of flavour and so simple to make. Packed with vitamin C from the strawberries, calcium and protein from the Greek yogurt and fibre and essential oils from the oats - it's a great choice for anyone who has a sweet tooth!

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Upper chest workout

Tone and shape your chest with this short workout

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Eating for a healthy heart

A healthy diet, regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight will help to keep you in good shape and reduce your risk of future health problems

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Rosemary's Blog - 9th April 2018

Sugar tax, summer weight-loss challenge, exercise bikes and Expat radio!

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Meatball Marinara with Pitta Pockets

These lovely meatballs are made from Moroccan style gluten free sausages and work brilliantly as a lunchtime alternative. They will keep hot in a flask or food pod, so great to take to work!

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Salmon and Gluten Free Pasta Salad

A simple and tasty lunchtime idea using buckwheat pasta and smoked salmon!

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Slim Down For Summer 2018

Be a winner with our Slim Down For Summer Challenge

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Rosemary's Blog - 26th March 2018

Rosemary's Blog - 26th March 2018

Thumb 1481 spring vegetable pasta stir fry  dv

Spring vegetable pasta stir-fry

At just 283 calories per serving this recipe is worth a try!

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