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Here is just a small sample of the vast array of recipes and exercises you can enjoy when you become a member of the Rosemary Online Weight-Loss Club. With over 2600 recipes, more than 700 how-to-cook videos, hundreds of exercises and Rosemary's Motivational Minutes, plus hundreds of articles and videos featuring medical and psychological experts such as Dr Hilary Jones and Professor Raj Persaud, you will have everything you need to keep yourself motivated and increase your chances of dieting success.

Thumb black cherry   amaretto delight

Black Cherry and Amaretto Delight

At just 175 calories per serving, created in just five minutes and made with 5% fat Greek Yogurt it's a perfect treat/dessert that will make you feel like you've indulged!

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Rosemary's Blog - 13th August 2018

Mental Health and Exercise

Thumb chicken

How to get the most from a fresh chicken

Norfolk butcher Richard Dade shows you how to get the most from your fresh chicken. So many ways to use a chicken, means you will waste less and make more!

Thumb vegan and dairy free margarita pizza

Vegan and Dairy Free Margarita Naan Style Pizza

You can't beat this simple pizza!

Thumb vegan and dairy free veggie pizza

Vegan and Dairy Free Veggie Pizza

This amazing vegan and dairy free pizza is great for lunch served with a salad or why not add some sweet potato wedges for a great dinner!

Thumb vegan and dairy free naan style flatbread

Vegan and Dairy Free Naan Style Flatbread

This Naan style flatbread is not only great with your favourite curry, but it makes a great base for homemade pizzas too!

Thumb vegetarian moroccan style meatballs

Vegetarian Moroccan Style Meatballs

This tasty, quick and easy spicy dish will tempt anyones taste buds! Make in 20-25 minutes, it's perfect! This recipe serves one, but can easily be adapted for more servings.

Thumb healthy nachos and salsa

Healthy Nachos and Salsa for one!

This is a quick and simple savoury treat that you can make in under 10 minutes! Just 235 calories or half that if you share!

Thumb vegan and diary blueberry and strawberry brealfast smoothie

Vegan and Dairy Free Blueberry and Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast on the go? Then this breakfast smoothie is perfect for you, low in sugars, dairy free and vegan friendly - what's not to love!

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Rosemary's Blog - 30th July 2018

Rosemary's Blog - 30th July 2018

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