Love the shape you’re in

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Our bodies are amazing things and it is important to respect them and enjoy them!

Here are our top tips to help you appreciate how wonderful you are.

  •     Your body is a temple – respect it, treat it well and honour it.
  •     Make a list of positive things about yourself without mentioning anything to do with your appearance. Keep adding to it each week.
  •     Don’t let your shape stop you from doing anything you want to.
  •     You are you – unique, talented and successful. People love you for who you are and what you can do, not the shape you are.
  •     Choose clothes that suit you, feel comfortable and express your personality. Don’t hide in them and become invisible.
  •     Put a sign on your mirror that says: “I am beautiful inside and out.”
  •     When you look in the mirror, don’t always focus on the things about your body you hate; look at your lovely hair, nice eyes, toned arms, good skin. Remember – the only person who can see your bum is the person behind you.
  •     Carry yourself with pride. If you walk tall, you look slimmer.
  •     Be proud of your age. If you are over 50, it’s great when people say how good you look for your age. Wrinkles are a sign of a lifetime’s experiences and should be respected not surgically removed!
  •     Fun things and new experiences are not just for the young. Growing older disgracefully can be fun.
  •     Enjoy exercising. It makes your body shapely, strong, healthy and more energetic.
  •     Life is too short to waste time hating your body. Get out and have some FUN.
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