Rosemary's Blog - 10th October 2016

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Rosemary's Blog - 10th October 2016


A couple of weeks ago we had our annual photoshoot for members of Rosemary Online (RO). These are members of our online club who have reached their target and who have applied to be considered for selection. On Friday, 30th September 2016, the five members we had chosen were invited to Leicestershire for our photoshoot.

To qualify, the members had to be within a healthy BMI (25 or under) and had to have lost weight as members of RO.

When the application forms arrived, together with their 'before' and 'after' photographs, I carefully considered the stories, the statistics and the transformations. Then I made my selection.

What I love about RO is that we have members from all over. Janet lives in Surrey, Gemma in Gloucestershire, Angie is from Leicestershire, Nicky is from Cheshire and Carol lives in Cyprus!

On the day of the shoot they were invited to meet me in M&S in Leicester so that we could select fashions to suit their colouring and figure shape. M&S at Fosse Park is ideal because of the vast range of styles, sizes and accessories. This is always a very exciting part as I love the freedom of asking the girls to try on so many different styles without any pressure or time constraints. Between us we select what we think works for them as individuals. So many times comes the comment 'but I would never have thought of trying that on - yet it looks fabulous" What delightfully shocked me was how toned they all were. There is no doubt that exercise featured in the weight-loss journey of them all and my goodness, did it pay off!

However, extraordinarily, one thing that is very obvious when people lose weight is the fact that their brain takes a while to catch up with their shrinking figure so when I suggest they try a size 8 instead of a size 12, they are physically shocked. In fact they are so thrilled they want to put the label on the outside of the dress! I love that! All of our models were either size 8 or 10!

With outfits sorted, including shoes and jewellery, it's time to head off to the studio where more exciting action begins. Professional hair and makeup artists await to transform our super slimmers into magnificent models!

I remember my first time on television in 1983 and experiencing being made-up by a professional makeup artist for the first time. Afterwards, I wanted her to move into our house as the transformation was so dramatic. So, on this special Friday, the joy for me was seeing these lovely ladies being similarly transformed. It was utterly wonderful and they all looked beautiful. Really beautiful.

Once they were made-up by make-up-artist-to-the-stars, Jane Tyler, and their hair was beautifully styled by celebrity hair stylist Esther Sweeney-Rowe, it was time to change into their beautiful clothes and then face the camera.

Top fashion photographer Ian Hooton is a joy to work with. Usually Ian is photographing professional models or celebrities who are used to the camera but he puts our beautiful girls at ease and soon it is lights, camera, action. It's Hollywood time. Initial nerves soon disappear and each girl is photographed in a variety of poses and positions. I am glued to the laptop which shows me each shot. When I think we have 'the shot' we invite the model to come and take a look at the image on the screen. And then they cry! But these are not tears or disappointment but tears of joy. Tears of disbelief that this is really them. A slim and beautiful lady. The beautiful lady they never imagined could ever be. But it is. It's real. It really is them.

Our 2016 group were so supportive of each other. Chatting away and enjoying their mutual success. Soaking up the whole experience of such a special day - a day they would remember for the rest of their lives. Enjoying the realisation that yes, they had actually achieved their goal. Yes, they were slim. Yes, they looked beautiful. More beautiful than they could ever have imagined!

At the end of the day everyone went their separate ways. The fairytale day that was actually real had come to an end. I have no doubt the buzz lingered for a few more hours so they could share their experience when they arrived home. A selection of photographs will be sent through to our models for them to keep. Hopefully they will serve as a reminder of how far they have come from that day when they felt so desperate that they said 'I am going to do something about my weight' and they joined Rosemary Online. But now their life has been transformed and I hope they went out that evening feeling every bit the glamorous celebrity they were on that day.

In January their photographs will appear on our website. Some of the girls will appear in the New Year New You magazine which comes out on 26th December. Others will appear in the Get Fit & Slim bookazines as they are published next year. As a member of Rosemary Online you will receive these publications free of charge.

As you read this I want you to consider the possibility of this being you in 12 months' time. We would love it to be you. There are three crucial criteria that could make this possible. 1) you need to lose your weight as a member of Rosemary Online. 2) you need to take a good before photograph of yourself and keep it safe and 3) you need to lose your excess weight and exercise so that you achieve a beautifully toned body.

The joy for me of such a special day is beyond description. For me it is the best day of the year in my professional capacity. I and our team at RO love helping people to change their lives - but in reality it is YOU that does all the hard work.

Well done to our super-stars! You are amazing!

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