Rosemary's Blog - 5th November 2018

Exciting News!

Exciting News!

For those of you who have been with us for a while you will have seen many changes and improvements over the years as we try and enhance the service and information that we give you. Our aim is to offer you all the support and encouragement we can to enable you to reach your lifestyle, fitness and weight-loss goals.

When Get Fit & Slim magazine, the publication with which we were associated since 2016, changed its format at the beginning of this year, and its name to Slim, Fit & Healthy, you, our members, told us that you didn’t like the changes. You felt it wasn’t ‘ours’ anymore and that set us thinking.

I am very excited to announce that with the help of our wonderful editorial team, we have created our very own digital magazine called Rosemary's Lifestyle and we really hope that you like it!

Rosemary's Lifestyle digital magazine will be a bi-monthly online publication which launches on Wednesday, 14th November, and is available free and exclusively to every one of our online members no matter what level of membership you hold – monthly, quarterly or annual. Everyone of you will get it and it is designed exclusively for YOU, our member!

Packed full of tasty new recipes, features to educate and encourage, as well as success stories to inspire you, we hope you will love reading it. With new features and recipes in every issue we hope you will find this a tremendous benefit to you and that you will love reading it – and it’s free to every one of you whilst you are a member of Rosemary Online!

The publication of Rosemary's Lifestyle digital magazine will mean that we will no longer be sending out copies of third party magazines such as Top Sante as we decided that we wanted to invest into a publication that was designed for you and exclusively for you. I really hope you like it and please feel free to give us your feedback and please tell us which articles you enjoy most.

Rosemary's Lifestyle digital magazine also includes articles for men and offers information and examples of diet trends outside of the norm, for instance an eating plan for those who want to eat a plant-based diet which is so in vogue at the moment. Our first issue features four very different options of healthy menus for Christmas depending on your desires, your budget and your taste, plus lots of tips to help avoid gaining too many extra pounds over the festive season.

This new digital magazine gives us the opportunity to give you information and inspiration at the click of a button thanks to the technological advancements of recent years. I really hope you will enjoy flicking through the pages and finding lots to take your fancy!

As a result of this exciting development I have decided to stop writing my fortnightly Blogs but you will still be able to find my thoughts, tips and ideas within Rosemary's Lifestyle Digital Magazine. Of course, I will continue to record my daily Motivation Minutes.

This new initiative is very exciting and I am thrilled that we are adding this to the menu of information that we give you. I would like to say a massive thank you to my team who have worked so hard to design and create Rosemary's Lifestyle Digital Magazine.  It has involved a phenomenal amount of effort and it serves to illustrate how much the team care about supporting you all. I really hope you will enjoy it.

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