Motivation to Exercise

Exercise is fundamental to our health and fitness, physically and mentally. Here we explain why it is so valuable.

Why Exercise is so Important

Rosemary explains the importance of exercise and how much we need to do to stay healthy, particularly as we get older.

The Health Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is like a super-saver savings account that pays double dividends. Whether it’s to help your heart, to help you lose weight or just stay fit, exercise will transform your life.,

The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is not just about boosting our physical health or weight loss, it is more and more acknowledged to positively help our mental health.

What Exercise Does What?

Aerobics, strength and flexibility – what is the difference? Rosemary explains why they are all important if we are to stay fit, strong and healthy.

Positive attitude. The key to success!

Be inspired as Rosemary asks JD Hylton about some of his greatest successes helping neuro-patients benefitting from physiotherapy treatments, and how a ‘can-do’ attitude can transform our lives.

Looking for Work-out Videos?

For our collection of exercise videos that you can work-out with in real time please go to the dedicated pages for Warm-ups, Aerobic Exercises, Strength Exercises or Seated Exercises.