Rosemary Conley’s Ultimate Whole Body Workout DVD


Rosemary’s DVD, the Ultimate Whole Body Workout, does exactly what the title says – it is truly the ultimate whole body workout and there’s something for everyone, including a chair workout.

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The Ultimate Whole Body Progamme is exactly that. With three workouts that include aerobics, body conditioning and even a chair workout, this DVD truly works your whole body.

  • Aerobics: A 35-minute fun workout to burn fat and increase your fitness.
  • Body Conditioning: A 20-minute strength and toning workout that is super-effective.
  • Chair Workout: A 20-minute seated workout that will help you burn extra calories, become stronger and increase your flexibility and mobility generally. A perfect workout for those unable to stand or lie down to exercise.


Running time: 79 mins
Choreography by Mary Morris MSc.
Aspect ratio 16:9
First published 2001

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