Rosemary Conley’s Ultimate Whole Body Workout DVD


Rosemary’s DVD, the Ultimate Whole Body Workout, does exactly what the title says – it is truly the ultimate whole body workout and there’s something for everyone, including a chair workout.

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The Ultimate Whole Body Workout DVD is exactly that. With three workouts that include aerobics, body conditioning and even a chair workout, this DVD truly works your whole body. If you are looking for an exercise DVD then this is the one that Rosemary most regularly recomends!

Do you want to look and feel good and get in great shape? If you do, then the Ultimate Whole Body Workout is definitely for you! There are three programmes. A thirty-five minute exciting aerobic workout that will burn fat as well as make you considerably fitter. Followed by twenty minutes of toning exercises that really tone up those problem areas. These workouts are designed to be done on alternate days or together as a total body blast.

Plus, there is a chair workout especially for those who, maybe through physical restriction or limited mobility, are unable to participate in standing exercises. This section will help you burn extra calories, enabling you to beocome stronger and increase your flexibility and mobility generally.

  • Aerobics: A 35-minute fun workout to burn fat and increase your fitness.
  • Body Conditioning: A 20-minute strength and toning workout that is super-effective.
  • Chair Workout: A 20-minute seated workout that will help you burn extra calories, become stronger and increase your flexibility and mobility generally. A perfect workout for those unable to stand or lie down to exercise.

The Ultimate Whole Body Workout was choreographed by Mary Morris MSc, who is the fitness consultant for

Running time: 79 mins
Choreography by Mary Morris MSc.
Aspect ratio 16:9
First published 2001

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