Strength & Toning Exercises

Strength and toning exercises help to sculpt your body and build and maintain muscle to keep you strong and healthy.

Standing Weights Workout

Mary and Rosemary demonstrate a highly effective standing workout using hand weights that with strengthen your body and tone you up. (Use bottles of water as a handy alternative if you do not have hand weights.)

Floor Weights Workout

Mary teaches Rosemary a highly effective muscle strength workout which can be done on the floor or on a bed. Litre bottles of water can be used instead of weights if you prefer.
If you are reluctant to exercise on the floor, take a look at the ‘Getting Safely on and off the Floor‘ video to help you gain confidence

Leg Strengthener and Bottom Toner

Practise this short sequence regularly to keep your legs fit and strong and your bottom toned.

Tummy Tone-up & Strength

This is Rosemary’s personal daily fitness routine. A quick and easy, very effective workout for your tummy and back. (These can be done on your bed if you prefer.)

Exercises with a Pole

By using a pole (an old broom handle is great) you can effectively mobilise your shoulders to help improve your posture and upper body mobility to help you look more youthful.

Exercises with Water Bottles

Muscle strength is crucial to our health, particularly as we age. By using water bottles as weights we can strengthen our muscles to help us stay young.

Exercise with a Toning Band

Using a toning band has been proven to be as effective as working out with weights to strengthen our muscles. In this mini workout we exercise to strengthen our arms, shoulders and legs. Practise a few times each week to keep yourself strong. (Latex bands are available to purchase in our Shop)

Posture Practice

Poor posture is one of the earliest signs of age! Practise these simple exercises regularly to transform your body stance and posture.

The 28-Day Immunity Plan
Week 1 – Gentle Start

If you are new to exercise and want to increase your strength, mobility and balance, these Week 1 exercises introduce you to some simple moves that offer great benefit. (You will need two bottles of water or light weights, plus a sturdy dining chair.)

The 28-Day Immunity Plan
Week 2 – Progressing Our Strength

Work out with Mary as you progress your strength workout. If you are unhappy about exercising on the floor, you can do the floor exercises lying on your bed. (You will need two bottles of water or two small weights plus a sturdy dining chair for this workout.)

The 28-Day Immunity Plan
Week 3 – Challenging and Strengthening

In this highly effective workout Mary is taking the strength programme to the next level now that your muscles are stronger. (You will need a sturdy dining chair and a couple of heavier hand weights (if possible) or large bottles of water to act as a weight.)

The 28-Day Immunity Plan
Week 4 – Advanced Workout

In this fourth week of the Immunity Plan programme, Mary encourages you to work your muscles harder to achieve even great strength and fitness. If this is too challenging, continue with week three and progress to week four when you feel able. (You will need a 2 x 2kg weights or large bottles of water as a weights.)

Advanced Whole Body Strength Programme

Featured in the 28-Day Immunity Plan as ‘Moving on to Greater Fitness’, this advanced workout from Mary Morris maintains your muscle strength once you have completed the four week Immunity Plan programme. If you are already fit, it gives you a challenging whole body strength workout that can be done 3 -4 times a week so your body stays strong.

Meet Mary Morris MSc.

Rosemary asks Mary Morris, choreographer of many of the exercise routines on this site, about her distinguished career in the fitness industry, her life, and what drove her to become such a respected fitness expert and Teacher Trainer.