The 28-Day Immunity Plan Motivation

The 28-Day Immunity Plan motivation tells the benefits felt by the team of trialists featured in the book and why you might want to try it.

The 28-Day Immunity Plan was created in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Why follow The 28-Day Immunity Plan?

Mary and Rosemary discuss why they decided to write The 28-Day Immunity Plan and why Mary designed a progressive physical strength programme that could work for everyone, whatever their level of fitness.

Motivation and Maintenance

Rosemary explains the encouraging results of a diet trial with Leicestershire Police and how to maintain your progress once you have completed your 28 days of the Immunity Plan.

The Trial

Be inspired by the benefits enjoyed by our trialists who followed The 28-Day Immunity Plan, lost weight, slept more soundly and changed their lives for the better.

Meet Rosemary’s 28 Day Immunity Plan Trialists!

Weight loss, better sleep, more energy – some of the positives explained by some of my trialists when we met up for a photoshoot at the end of the trial.

Living Life Differently

Looking for the positives in the way we live our lives because of the pandemic. Living life differently – but better!

Walking and Cycling

By exercising every day we help boost our immune system as well as keep ourselves fitter mentally and physically. We also speed up our weight loss as we burn more calories.

Boosting our Mental Health

Mental health has been recognised as a real concern during the pandemic. But huge benefits to our mental wellbeing have been highlighted as a result of eating healthily and exercising regularly.

Coming Out of Lockdown

As we come out of lockdown it is important to get ourselves back to physical and mental fitness and maybe lose any lockdown lumber to boost our confidence and our health.