Rosemary Conley CBE is one of the UK’s most successful diet and fitness experts with 50 years’ experience in helping people to lose weight and get fitter.

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Orthopaedic Surgery
  • See our health professional’s advice on foot, knee and hip surgery
Stroke & Heart Health
  • What is a Stroke and what can we do to avoid it?
Parkinson’s Disease
  • New videos on coping with Parkinsons
Immunity Plan Exercises
  • Work out to the videos of the weekly exercise routines in The 28-Day Immunity Plan book.

Preparing for Hip Surgery

Our Physiotherapist explains the implications of hip surgery and how to prepare ahead of the big day with some simple exercises that you can practise on your bed.

More pre-surgery advice

What do you Spread on your Bread?

Rosemary explains the different food groups, their importance, and how to eat a healthy balanced diet for life in our Food and Nutrition section.

Food and Nutrition

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Our Neuro-physiotherapist explains how exercise is so helpful to those living with this distressing disease that manifests itself in so many different ways.

More health videos

The 28-Day Immunity Plan


A strong and healthy immune system is important at any time, but now more than ever it’s vital to protect yourself from illness, especially as you age.

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