As we age, exercise is even more crucial to our health and wellbeing as well as boosting our immunity. In this selection of workouts you will find something that is right for you, no matter your age, fitness or ability including chair workouts.

What Exercise Does What?

Aerobics, strength and flexibility – what is the difference? Rosemary explains why they are all important if we are to stay, fit strong and healthy.

How to stretch your muscles

Whether you’re preparing for exercise, or just returned from a walk or finished a workout, it is always important to stretch out your muscles. Here Mary Morris demonstrates the key stretches to aid flexibility and help your muscles recover afterwards.

Exercise When Older

Being fit helps us stay well and to enjoy life. It helps us to stay independent – and it is never too late to start! Exercise is good for the brain as well as our health and fitness!


Maintaining our flexibility is really important for us to be able to stay independent. This simple exercise routine can really help loosen up our upper body.

The Forever Young Workout

Workout with Rosemary in this full length strength workout. This was first illustrated in her book ‘Secrets of Staying Young’ which featured Rosemary and her 89 year old mother-in-law, Jeanne.

Posture Practise

Poor posture is one of the earliest signs of age! Practise these simple exercises regularly and transform your posture and stay young!

Leg Strengthener and Bottom Toner

Practise this short sequence regularly to keep your legs fit and strong and your bottom toned.

Tummy Tone-up and Strength

This is Rosemary’s personal daily fitness routine. A quick and easy, very effective workout for your tummy and back. (These can be done on your bed if you prefer)

Aerobic Exercises 1

This short workout will benefit your heart and lungs as well as promoting your general mobility and balance to help keep you young and fit.

Aerobic Exercises 2

This short workout offers a range of moves to benefit your whole body whilst gently working your heart and lungs. It will also mobilise your joints to help you stay young and fit.

Exercise with a Toning Band

Using a toning band has been proven to be as effective as working out with weights to strengthen our muscles. In this mini workout we exercise to strengthen our arms, shoulders and legs. Practise a few times each week to keep yourself strong. (Latex bands are available to purchase in our Shop)

Exercises with Water Bottles

Muscle strength is crucial to our health, particularly as we age. By using water bottles as weights we can strengthen our muscles to help us stay young.

Exercises with a Pole

By using a pole (an old broom handle is great) you can effectively mobilise your shoulders to help improve your posture and upper body mobility to help you look more youthful.

Advanced Whole Body Strength Programme

Featured in the 28-Day Immunity Plan as ‘Moving on to Greater Fitness’, this advanced workout from Mary Morris maintains your muscle strength once you have completed the four week Immunity Plan programme. If you are already fit, it gives you a challenging whole body strength workout that can be done 3 -4 times a week so your body stays strong.

Meet Mary Morris MSc.

Rosemary asks Mary Morris, choreographer of these exercise routines, about her distinguished career in the fitness industry, her life, and what drove her to become such a respected fitness expert and Teacher Trainer.